5 Movies About Genetic Pollution and the Big Business of Genetics

A few weeks ago I started to watch a documentary about genetic modified crops. I was immersed in the climate change topic and I didn’t really want to watch a documentary about other environmental topic because It could be interesting then I would start search more material about the topic. But I gave a shot anyway and the domino effect began. I started with one documentary, then another one, one more… I knew it.

The big picture is: some big corporations are trying to dominate the food production in a global scale. My first thought was, Ok it sounds like a conspiracy theory. Global dominance? It can’t be done. However after I finished the first movie I was amazed. These guys are really smart. They found a way of doing. I wasn’t happy at all because it is really not fair, but real life is not fair most of the time.

What came into my mind was what happened a long time ago with Microsoft and the antitrust law. Microsoft was accused of monopoly because of its internet browser. Also Microsoft and Windows where consider the beast from the apocalypse (really???? because of Windows????). Then Google was the next target. Privacy issues, misuse of personal information, a company which is too big, and the list goes one. I am not defending Microsoft nor Google but honestly these two companies are nothing compared to the food/genetic companies approach. What I found in the movies was way more scary and profound than anything that I heard about Microsoft and Google together (and trust me I heard a lot about these two companies). They take advantage of farmers misinformation and high expectations of better crops. Continue reading

A picture is worth a thousand words

The Albian Sands Tailings Pond near Fort McMurray, Canada, shows a lot of polluted water, as well as an effigy of a peregrine falcon designed to keep migrating birds from landing in the toxic pond. Read more from this story on Canadian Oil Sands. Photo: Peter Essick

If a picture is worth a thousand words how about a couple of pictures? Millions? Thus, here are some images that will make you think of how beautiful the world is and also the reality where we live.   Continue reading

3 Movies that will make you think a little bit

My favourites genres of movies are documentaries and cartoons. It is hard to explain why and yes, I am addicted to them.  I was trying to remember some movies I saw in the past which are related to environmental problems and its possible solutions. One movie that really caught my attention was “An inconvenient Truth“.  Al Gore talks about climate change and CO2 levels. I remember the famous scene where he stepped on a manlift Continue reading

China and Brazil water pollution

China and Brazil water pollution

Wow this is impressive. I imagine, how can they do that? The effort is huge. It requires a lot of laziness of the Governments, greedy, contempt…
WARNING: strong images (not for the respective Governments)!