The Project

The Goal

The main goal of the project is the combination of science and music. So the objective is to record a progressive rock album that will tell a story. The songs and lyrics are based on peer-reviewed scientific papers about climate change. The challenge is to tell a story of possible futures based on what the papers are forecasting (more extreme atmospheric events, pandemics, animal extinctions, water wars, etc.). So it will be my artistic interpretation of the theories and results presented in the papers.

Is this the real truth or what will really happen in the future? I am not advocating a position on whether global warming is caused by humans or not. However, some of the base papers would suggest this. My intention is to artistically touch peoples’ hearts and raise awareness of our surrounding world, our lifestyles, and the consequences of our acts. Every action has a reaction. If we don’t take care of the environment, the environment won’t take care of us.

The Story

The story will be set in a world feeling the effects of modern climate change. It will be the story of how humans will survive the aftermath and consequences of climate change. I will release each song separately with the details of that particular part of the story. I will also post the songs here on my page. So stay tuned by following my blog, twitter or facebook page to get the latest updates on the project.

How Did The Project Start?

Music is my passion. I really love it. When I am performing onstage I feel alive, and happy. It is nirvana. I don’t care if the number of people watching me play is 5 or 5000, as long as they are enjoying every moment (but a few more people will not hurt). I remember once I was on stage playing in a summer festival for a few thousand people when I looked and saw a couple of people dancing in their wheelchairs. I could see the happiness on their faces enjoying the music on a beautiful sunny day. At that moment I realized the beauty of being a musician. Musicians are able to touch peoples’ hearts without knowing them. At that time I was studying very complicated topics involving equations, chaos, and non-linearity. I realized in that specific moment that equations are not really important. Music is so much more magical and powerful than any equation. On that day during my show, a tear fell from my eye (but I was wearing sunglasses so nobody noticed).

Photo credit: Vitor Munhoz
Photo credit: Vitor Munhoz

After years of studying, I felt that something was missing. I wanted to share the knowledge that I was blessed to acquire and I didn’t know how. At the same time, I couldn’t forget my main passion, music. Finally, after years of not knowing what to do, I had the smartest idea in the world: create a blog. Wow, what genius. Well, but I blog for what? Sharing music and science. How? I didn’t really know. Meanwhile, I started to blog about science only.

After reading a lot about the environment, I decided, why not to combine music with that? What should I do to spread the message? I had some songs but I’ve never done anything more serious. But I only had the pieces of instrumental songs. What should I do? Record? Find a band? Make a story about that? Humm that sounds interesting. I am a progressive rock fan, so why not take my songs, organize them and make a story or maybe a concept album? Ok let’s do it!

Do I Need Help?

One of the goals of this project is to play live. We will use a multimedia platform showing videos when playing live. However to have a rich and even more awesome live experience we need more content related to climate and weather. If you have any video, time-lapse, or picture that you think will help us with this part of the project and if you want to donate to us please send us a message by clicking here.