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What kind of music do you expect when you put together a band with a Brazilian bass player, a Canadian guitarist, and a Turkish drummer? If you thought music without boundaries then you are correct! After years in the music industry, Spider decided that was time to do something different and work on a personal project. He invited fellow musicians Davis Yates and Aybars Savat to join a very interesting instrumental music project where any crazy music idea is not crazy until we make it sound good.

The combination of the diverse musical influences (such as Funk, Progressive rock, Jazz, Soul, Country, etc) and the multicultural rhythmic background make this project a very unique experience for the audience and also for the musicians playing on it. This Vancouver-based band can funkify and add very unique grooves to almost anything, from Halloween creepy songs to Christmas carols, from Beatles to Surf music.

Spider is a Brazilian bass player that moved to Canada in 2010. He played, toured, and recorded with multiple musicians and bands. Musical genres included funk, blues, progressive rock, country, heavy metal, pop, Latin and Brazilian music, and the list goes on. Currently, He is also working on a progressive rock opera about climate change.

Davis Yates is a guitarist from Cranbrook BC. He graduated from Selkirk College Contemporary Music and Technology Program in 2017. He has been the lead guitarist of several bands and he has a passion for multiple genres of music and enjoys playing jazz, rock, country, blues, soul, pop, and progressive rock. He is excited to be working on a new album with 87 Inch Moth expected to be released in 2023.

The Turkish drummer Aybars Savat started playing drums at the age of ten and has been passionate about drums and grooves ever since. He moved to Canada in 2012 for his music education and he finished the Selkirk College Contemporary Music and Technology program with a major in Production and composition. Currently, he is an Audio Engineer and music producer playing and recording multiple albums.


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