[Random News] Frozen Underworld Discovered Beneath Greenland Ice Sheet and more…

Due the lack of time I am not writing long topics anymore, but as soon as I can I’ll return to the normal posts. Meanwhile here are some (late) news of the week.

  1. Frozen underworld discovered beneath Greenland ice sheet
  2. NOAA Deploying New Drones Into Hurricanes
  3. Industry Endangering Forests in Alberta Rockies, Study Says

Frozen Underworld Discovered Beneath Greenland Ice Sheet

Scientists have discovered a frozen underworld beneath the ice sheet covering northern Greenland. The previously unknown landscape, a vast expanse of warped shapes including some as tall as a Manhattan skyscraper, was found using ice-penetrating radar loaded aboard Nasa survey flights.
Well, what does it mean? It means that the findings could deepen understanding of how the ice sheets of Greenland and Antarctica respond to climate change. There is a brief explanation of how this underworld could influence the melting of the ice sheet in the part three of the documentary I posted here a few weeks ago The climate wars.

Photo credit: Jason Gulley

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