Random Interesting News of the week

Sometimes I am surfing on the internet and I find something interesting. I like to discuss more the topic but due lack of time I can not. So for now on, I’ll try to write a short post (probably on Fridays) with some interesting environmental random news like these:

Calgary Billboard: “The Sun is the Main Driver of Climate Change. Not You. Not CO2.”

A new billboard in Calgary claims: “The sun is the main driver of climate change. Not you. Not CO2.”  Well I am Ok if someone says that we don’t really know if humans are causing the global warming, but blaming the sun? That is not cool. The best part is the name of the organization: http://friendsofscience.org/



Climate Fact: Weather and Climate Trends in Brazil

Brazil is the host country of the 2014 FIFA World Cup. As thousands of tourists are arriving and the country is preparing for one of the world’s major sporting events, drought is affecting Brazil’s water availability and electricity generation in the Northeast and Southeast regions.


New ‘digestion plant’ recycles food to power homes

A new multi-million pound recycling plant is opening in UK – taking waste food from homes and businesses – and using it to generate renewable electricity.


Michigan State Researchers Create Technology That Converts Cow Manure Into Clean Water


Would you drink that water? The researchers from Michigan State University said the water was clean enough for livestock to drink.


Rising seas wash Japanese war dead from Marshall Islands graves

Officials blame climate change as 26 skeletons are found on Santo Island after high tides batter Pacific archipelago. Wow even the dead are affected by climate change.


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